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Creators: Smith, Judson
Date: 1939-02-06
Identifier: umw:3054
Description: An exterior view of the connecting corridor between Custis and Ball Halls.
Date: 1939
Identifier: umw:736
Description: The members of the Dance Orchestra are seen with their instruments in front of a curtain with musical symbols on it.
Date: 1939
Identifier: umw:735
Description: A horse and rider jump over a fence.
Date: 1939
Identifier: umw:2468
Description: A close up photograph of Levin Houston, piano instructor.
Date: 1939
Identifier: umw:553
Description: The 1939 May Court poses for a photograph outdoors on May Day.
Date: 1939
Subject: 1930-39 | Alumni
Identifier: umw:2190
Description: Members of the Alumni Association in 1939.
Creators: L.K. & Sons
Date: 1939
Identifier: umw:2672
Description: The postcard shows Virginia Hall.
Date: 1938-05
Identifier: umw:546
Description: The 1938 May Court gather for a group photograph. The May Queen Margaret Haynie (center), Maid of Honor Virginia Anderson (center-left), and a young boy stand in the center, flanked on either side by ... More
Date: 1938-04-20
Subject: 1930-39
Identifier: umw:1782
Description: A view of the elegantly decorated parlor of Seacobeck Hall, focusing on the fireplace. A portrait of George Washington and his mother, Mary, hangs above the mantle.
Date: 1938
Identifier: umw:727
Description: The members of the College Orchestra stand on the steps of Monroe Hall with their instruments.
Date: 1938
Identifier: umw:3535
Description: During an Office Practice class, rows of students type on typewriters and some in the foreground also wear headphones. Instructor Arthur Walker speaks into a Dictaphone at the front of the room. One o... More
Date: 1938
Identifier: umw:2211
Description: Dr. G. Gordon Moss, Department of History and American Studies.
Date: 1938
Identifier: umw:739
Description: Students pose for their photograph in their Halloween costumes on the front porch of Willard Hall. Several students are perched on the porch railing while others are seated below.
Date: 1938
Subject: Students | 1930-39
Identifier: umw:723
Description: Two oval photographs show a large group of students standing together wearing "kerchiefs" on their heads.
Date: 1937-06-23
Identifier: valet-20080620-123918
Description: English professor Richard Beale Davis stands with his wife, Lois.