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Identifier: valet-20071113-145632
Description: James Farmer with President Carter
Creators: Gordon, Liz
Date: 1998-02
Identifier: valet-20071113-142832
Description: James Farmer teaching a class.
Date: 1998
Identifier: valet-20071109-160215
Description: Photograph of James Farmer's face.
Subject: Farmer, James L.
Identifier: valet-20071115-113336
Description: Portrait of James Farmer
Creators: Fitzgerald, Barry
Identifier: valet-20071113-140824
Description: James Farmer listens with one hand at chin, seated in group of people.
Identifier: valet-20071109-144238
Description: James Farmer in front of an unidentified building.
Identifier: umw:1002
Description: Portrait of James Farmer as a young boy.
Creators: Fitzgerald, Barry
Date: 1997-05-17
Identifier: valet-20071113-144255
Description: James Farmer seated on stage, receives his honorary degree
Creators: Fitzgerald, Barry
Date: 1988
Identifier: valet-20071113-143323
Description: James Farmer addressing the James Farmer Scholars at their first meeting.
Creators: Gordon, Liz
Date: 1998-02
Identifier: valet-20071113-143011
Description: Farmer in class lecturing, seated at table.
Creators: Fitzgerald, Barry
Date: 1998
Identifier: valet-20071113-143646
Description: Farmer receiving honorary degree.
Subject: Farmer, James L.
Identifier: valet-20071113-142153
Description: Farmer seated at desk
Date: 1998
Identifier: valet-20071113-141941
Description: James Farmer wearing the Presidential Medal of Freedom medallion.
Subject: Farmer, James L.
Identifier: valet-20071113-145458
Description: James Farmer, seated, reading. Sign behind him reads, “END SEGREGATION ACROSS THE NATION”
Creators: Fitzgerald, Barry
Identifier: valet-20071113-141447
Description: James Farmer giving a speech