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Date: 1968
Identifier: valet-20071114-105547
Description: James Farmer is pictured, surrounded by a crowd and the media as he campaigns in the Bronx.
Date: 1968
Identifier: valet-20071114-102956
Description: History professor James Farmer is pictured, gesturing as he speaks into a microphone.
Identifier: valet-20071115-11260
Description: History professor James Farmer (second from left) is pictured, seated, in a meeting with six other men.
Identifier: valet-20071114-110414
Description: A close-up of history professor James Farmer delivering a speech into a microphone.
Date: 1963
Identifier: valet-20071205-153131
Description: James Farmer and his daughter Tami look at a dilapidated structure.
Date: 1969
Identifier: valet-20071115-101640
Description: President Richard Nixon shakes hands with Professor James Farmer, Assistant Secretary to the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, during a White House reception.
Creators: Ojuri Photo
Date: 1965-01-25
Identifier: valet-20071114-114553
Description: James Farmer at the United Labour Congress Secretariat located in Ebute-Metta, Lagos, Nigeria for a press conference and reception arranged by the United Labour Congress when he was the Director of C.... More
Creators: Davis, Jack
Date: 1968-07-30
Identifier: valet-20101122-164140
Description: James Farmer speaking at Kent State University on July 30, 1968.
Date: 1965-03-09
Identifier: valet-20101129-15467
Description: Group of men, including James Farmer, during his second attempt to march to Montgomery, Alabama from Selma, Alabama. From left to right: Fred Shuttlesworth, Martin Luther King Jr., James Farmer, and J... More
Date: 1969-02-12
Identifier: valet-20071115-105156
Description: From left to right, James Farmer, Assistant Secretary of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, stands with Secretary of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Robert Finch, Pat ... More
Date: 1964-12-04
Identifier: umw:516
Description: The Department of Psychology faculty gathers for a group photograph. Front row, from left to right: Eileen Dodd, Mary Kelly, Bert Goldman. Back row, from left to right: Glen Thomas, Donald Jackson, Ja... More
Creators: Colony Studios
Date: 1964
Identifier: umw:3631
Description: Members of the Class of 1934 gather during Homecoming. Left to right: Nellie Mae Stewart Pettit, Margaret Lambert Reardon, Josephine Barefoot Lumpkin, Bernice Spicer Thoma, Charlotte Miles James.
Date: 1964-02-10
Identifier: umw:1628
Description: Department of Sociology faculty
Creators: Colony Studios
Date: 1965-02-23
Identifier: umw:2985
Description: 100th Day Tea. Left to right: Mary James Fisher ('46?), Doris Steel Lequin ('53), Linda Broyles ('66), Rhoda McWilliams, Mrs. Grellet (Dorothy) C. Simpson, Grace Bamforth ('66).
Date: 1962
Identifier: umw:932
Description: A view of the Museum garden before construction of the library wing in 1962 and Mary Washington College's subsequent administration of the site.