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Date: 1995-03-23
Identifier: umw:3158
Description: The Department of Theatre and Dance's production of "Into the Woods", with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and the book by James Lapine. It was directed by Gregg Stull. It was performed in Klein ... More
Identifier: umw:3157
Description: Library staff from 1984, including Ruby Weinbrecht (Director, 1972-1984)
Creators: Cordero, Lou
Date: 2003-05-31
Identifier: umw:3156
Description: A view of a woman wearing a T-shirt which reads "'Everything I am I owe to my mother' -George Washington."
Creators: Curtis, Auby
Date: 1982
Subject: 1980-89 | Students
Identifier: umw:3155
Description: A student studies in Trinkle Library.
Date: 1996-10-31
Identifier: umw:3154
Description: The Department of Theatre and Dance's production of "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Becket, and directed by Michael Joyce. It was performed in Klein Theatre from October 31-November 10, 1996. The boy in... More
Date: 1965-03-01
Identifier: umw:3153
Description: A student sits outside in the grass with an easel.
Date: 1942-05-20
Identifier: umw:3152
Description: A student rides a horse on a forest path.
Creators: Flournoy
Identifier: umw:3151
Description: The Cavalry students feed and care for horses outside of a barn.
Creators: Flournoy
Identifier: umw:3150
Description: A Cavalry officer inspects horses outside of a barn.
Creators: Fitzgerald, Barry
Identifier: umw:3149
Description: A student lands a jump for the MWC Women's Riding Team.
Date: 1964-12-09
Identifier: umw:3148
Description: Two students stand looking at a decorated door next to a Christmas tree. The writing on the door reads "Christmas is a blessed time... ...of Love."
Identifier: umw:3147
Description: The Glee Club poses for a group photograph.
Identifier: umw:3146
Description: Three women standing in the kitchen during a Home Economics class.
Date: 1977-04
Identifier: umw:3145
Description: Image of two female students, one seated in a wheelbarrow, competing in the wheelbarrow contest on Devil-Goat Day.
Creators: Smith, Judson
Date: 1941-11-01
Identifier: umw:3144
Description: Honors students in "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities" pose on a stairway. From left to right, pictured are Myron Russell, Sally McPhail, Mary Margaret Morn, Nancy Menn, Betty Whitave Hu... More