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Creators: Gordon, Liz
Date: 1998-02
Identifier: valet-20101129-131230
Description: James Farmer teaching his Civil Rights class, February 1998.
Date: 1969-02-12
Identifier: valet-20071115-105156
Description: From left to right, James Farmer, Assistant Secretary of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, stands with Secretary of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Robert Finch, Pat ... More
Creators: Fitzgerald, Barry
Date: 1997-05-17
Identifier: valet-20100505-100516
Description: Dean Phil Hall and a colleague with Professor of History and American studies, James Farmer, at Commencement 1997.
Creators: Fitzgerald, Barry
Date: 1993-04
Identifier: valet-20100224-161329
Description: James L. Farmer (left) at UMW's Phi Beta Kappa Virginia Chapter honorary induction ceremony.
Creators: Fitzgerald, Barry
Date: 1997-05-17
Identifier: umw:84
Description: President William Anderson (second from left) shakes hands with history professor James Farmer (center, seated) during Commencement as other faculty members and administrators applaud.
Creators: Fitzgerald, Barry
Date: 1993-04
Identifier: valet-20100224-155224
Description: James Farmer (left) signing the Chapter's register as an honorary member with Dr. Robert (Bob) Rycroft (right)at Mary Washington's Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa of Virginia Chapter Induction Ceremony.
Creators: Fitzgerald, Barry
Date: 1988
Identifier: valet-20100505-10588
Description: Education professor Venitta McCall stands at a podium during a speech for the James Farmer Scholars Program.
Creators: Cordero, Lou
Date: 2002
Identifier: umw:1525
Description: Image of Trinkle Hall with the back of the James Farmer statue in the foreground.
Date: 1982-10-31
Identifier: umw:605
Description: Students gather together to pose for a photograph in their Halloween costumes. Included in these costumes are a cowboy, a farmer, a pirate, a devil, and the Green Giant.
Creators: Garrett, Debra
Date: 1999-09-17
Identifier: umw:315
Description: A bust of James Monroe is pictured during the James Monroe Center ribbon-cutting ceremony.
Date: 1978-12
Identifier: umw:481
Description: Dean of the College James Croushore sits, posing for a photograph.
Creators: Hall, Christie W.
Date: 2013-04-28
Language: English
Type: Text
Identifier: umw:1822
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Creators: Fitzgerald, Barry
Date: 1989-01
Identifier: umw:3446
Description: Religion professor David Cain (left, pointing) and James Kilpatrick, Distinguished Visitor in Residence 1989.
Identifier: umw:3503
Description: James Baker, Professor of Music, sits at the piano while students play their instruments in the background.
Creators: Cordero, Lou
Date: 1999-05
Identifier: umw:226
Description: An aerial view of the James Monroe Center under construction.